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Q-Switch ND:YAG

Q-Switched Applications are suitable for skin toning by treatment of pigmented lesions and dark tattoo removal.
Q switched Nd YAG laser skin care machine adopts laser blasting effects and the theory of selective absorption. Then high energy laser pulses will act on the pigment tissue, including melanin, pigments for tattoo, permanent tattoo pigment, dust particle. After the laser shock, the pigment tissue will dilate rapidly. The thermal relaxation time of laser pulse is much shorter than that of melanoma and tattoo, so the pigment tissue will generate mechanical oscillation wave and then be broken up after absorbing laser energy. The fragmentized pigment granule will be excreted to the outside of the body through metabolism and phagocytosis of macrophages. Thus the pigment will be removed. Meanwhile, the laser beam can penetrate into corium layer to activate the tissue, accelerate cell regeneration in order to get the following effects: wrinkle removing, skin whitening, skin rejuvenation and skin quality improving. The laser can absorb heat selectively; the optimal absorbing wavelength of various pigments is different; and other tissues of the human body has little absorption of 1064nm and 532nm laser from ND:YAG laser. So this machine can effectively remove pigment and vessel tissue with lesion without destroying peripheral tissue.

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