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Infrared RF(Radio -frequency)

Radio Frequency (RF) energy, in the form of radiating waves or electrical currents, used in medical and cosmetic treatments generally for minimally invasive surgeries using radiofrequency ablation. Radio Frequencies at non-ablation energy levels commonly used as a part of aesthetic treatments that can tighten skin, reduce fat by lipolysis and apoptosis, or promote healing.

How Does Radio Frequency (RF) Work?
RF can generate thermal energy rapidly inside your body to stimulate collagen cell proliferation, thus achieving firming effect. It also causes adipose cell to shrink by generating impact and friction motion on fat cells and then burning calories effectively. When the frequency of vibration reaches certain range, the strong impacts among cells will break the cells and reduce adipose cells. The bioenergy effect can rapidly improve local blood circulation and activate lipase, catalyzing the cleavage of triglyceride into free fatty acids and glycerol in subcutaneous adipose cells. Then they will be excreted to the outside of the body through the liver metabolism.

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